How To Date Tall Women When You’re a Short Guy?

//How To Date Tall Women When You’re a Short Guy?

Nowadays, dating is very superficial. You have to find somebody that your friends don’t think is ugly, someone your parents think will bring them beautiful grandchildren and lastly, and apparently least importantly, somebody you actually like. But you can’t spend your whole life trying to please everybody.

A lot of dudes are insecure about dating tall women. There are so many men that refuse to date a girl that’s taller than them because it makes them feel inferior. Nevertheless, we see so many happy couples where the guy is actually shorter than the girl. There’s something about a woman who is this confident and this in love with her man, that she’s dating him not for his amazing stature, but simply because she is in love with him. It definitely shows the dedication of the woman to the guy and the guy appears even more manly and confident.

If you were a short guy that wanted to date a tall woman, you might find these tips helpful;

Be Confident

Usually, a tall woman will choose to date a tall guy than a shorter guy because she would feel more secure and confident with him. But because he is not that confident and shows his doubt with her height, it’s a very big minus. But a guy who is shorter and sounds confident in himself and seems to adore and love her height, that’s a huge plus. Obviously, it’s very important that you’re confident about yourself and hide such a thing where you can make yourself shorter. Talk like you’re seven feet tall.

Adore Her Height

If she’s leading a guy who is insecure about her height, what he’s going to do? A guy will make her feel insecure about her height too, which is not good. It can also mean that he is asking her out on a date because he basically can’t find another girl to date. If you shows to her that you like tall girls and you adores her height, you will make her love her height more and make her feel confident of going out with you. If you can pull it off by adoring her as she is, telling her how amazing she looks like, how much you love her height and be confident about it in public, everyone get that positive energy.

Just Go For It

The more you approach her, the sooner you find love. Most short guys think that taller women are not into them. Did you even ask and take a chance? How do you know if you don’t go for it? No one is out of anyone’s league. Truth is, if all those tall guys in her circle are her friends and somebody new like you came up and started talking to her, you’d totally have a shot. You never know because even if you’re not the best-looking or the tallest guy in the room, maybe she just dated some total jerks and she’s looking for just nice guys who are going to treat her well.