How to have better sex after years of marriage?

//How to have better sex after years of marriage?

We always hear people say that sex is not good after years of marriage or there’s all this negative publicity surrounding marriage and sex – totally not true!

There are several reasons why sex is better, even after so many years of marriage. Some of the best reasons are, first, when you have sex with your spouse, there’s no walk of shame. It’s just you and your lover and you don’t have an audience to walk out. Secondly, you don’t have to sit there and wonder when they will contact you, thus there’s no room of not knowing what to do. And thirdly, you don’t have to worry about getting up and leaving right away. It’s your house, you get to stay there with your spouse and spend time together.

Sexual intimacy inside your relationship is such an important part of who you are as a couple. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your sex life after years of marriage, consider these tips;

Make Sure You Go On Date Nights

This one is actually outside the bedroom. Physical intimacy comes out of emotional intimacy. Date nights are all about connecting emotionally. So, don’t just do dinner and a movie, go out there and have fun, do something different, go on an adventure and make memories. Just remember the two rules when going on date nights; don’t talk about your kids and don’t talk about money. Make sure you’re making memories and dreaming about the future together.

Wife Comes First

Husbands, make sure inside the bedroom, your wife comes first, not just figuratively but literally. Whatever a guy can do fast, a woman can do better. As you learn and discover what a true female orgasm looks like and feels like, women need up to 20 minutes of clitoral stimulation. So that means hopping on her and finishing off is not the right way to make sure that she’s satisfied in the bedroom. On one hand, you can get there faster if you introduce vibrators, massages and a lot of foreplay kissing.

Post Sex Pillow Talk

This is basically after you have sex, maybe the night or the next day, you talk about the things that you like and didn’t like. Usually in the bedroom, we talk about money, we talk about the kids or about our in-laws, but we don’t talk about our sex life. You have to keep open lines of communication to make sure that you are both enjoying it. No two people just come together and just figure it out. You have to talk about it. Let’s be honest, women’s bodies are always changing. Time of the month happens they have kids or hormones, so just keep that in mind and realize that sometimes they like to be touched in certain places and other times they don’t. How would a man know if they didn’t talk to him? Be each other’s coaches in and out of the bedroom.

Get Your Phone Out Of The Bedroom


Statistics say that 1 out of 10 people are using their cell phones in the bedroom during sex. Yep, you heard that right. They’re checking text and social media feeds during sex. So, if that’s you, get your phone out of the bedroom, lock the door and keep it away.