Elizabeth CastoriaWell, hello!

Thanks for coming by. I’m Elizabeth. My penchant for punning is a genetic condition (passed down from my father). People tend to think of me as taller than I am. It’s a constant battle to restrain myself from hugging other people’s dogs. I’ve written a fair number of things, many of them even sensical. I live in a half-imagined dream, better known as San Francisco. I’ve been a freelancer, magazine editorial director, camp counselor, and slow runner.

The New School gave me an MFA in Fiction and a great reason to live in New York City for a couple of years. It has been my great fortune to have my fictitious and reality-based work published by 34th Parallel, Pindeldyboz, VegNews, KrisCarr.com, and Dogster.com, and the thrill of a lifetime to have a book out from Artisan Books (spring 2014). In 2013 my editor’s letter “Dear Esquire” was named the Best Signed Editorial. Oddly, I don’t yet work at Esquire. (Cough, cough.)

I’ll write here about, well, all the things, as the title implies. Cooking, dogs, friends, books, freelance pieces, and Joss Whedon-created shows are fairly likely to make appearances. Enjoy!

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